Here’s How to Get Rid of White Spots on the Monitor Screen

It’s really annoying if there are pistil spots on our monitor screen and moreover it can also interrupt our concentration. well, here I will share learning, guys, how to fix it, rather than repairing it in a service place, it’s better if we fix it ourselves, it’s more cost-effective, more pkokny is better than being brought to a service place.

Immediately, we discuss how to get rid of white spots on the monitor screen, here is the discussion.

first of all do it manually manually:

  1. Turn off your LCD monitor
  2. Prepare a pen and a wet cloth that functions to protect your LCD screen, remember that the cloth is not too wet, it’s just damp
  3. Fold 2 to 3 so that the LCD screen is scratched
  4. Place the cloth in front of the dead pixel and start pressing slowly with your pen. remember do not press anywhere else the article will cause another pixel defect

If the above method also doesn’t work, you can download Pixel Revairer. well below the method of use.

How to Fix a Dead Pixel Monitor Screen with Software it could be that if the dead pixels faced by your monitor are still not gone by the manual method, you don’t worry, you can do the second method, which is using the pixelrepairer software. Pixelrepairer is a free portable program (without installation) that has very good features, namely:

  1. Looking for dead pixels on the monitor screen
  2. Fix dead pixels on the LCD monitor screen
  3. Fixing dead pixels can be done by running activities on the computer
  4. Can complete a variety of monitors installed on the computer