How to Protect Android from Hacking Attacks

You could say at this time the Android operating system is indeed much favored by many people around the world. The Android operating system also has a variety of interesting features and applications. It is natural that many users like Android for their daily communication and entertainment needs. In addition to cheaper devices, Android also has a user interface that can make it easier for users when compared to other operating systems currently available. All smartphones can’t just be safe, regardless of the operating system. But until now there are many cases of Android hacking that occurs in the community. Following are some ways to protect android from hacking attacks:


Using a secure browser

Maybe you didn’t pay much attention to this before. However, this is actually very important to note. From now on, try to use a browser that is safe to use. Do not carelessly use a browser that can actually open a gap for hackers. You can compare the security of one browser with another browser.

Does not save passwords in browser

Many people are sometimes not aware when saving passwords in the browser. Especially if this happens automatically, then you don’t really pay attention. Many people often do this because they do not want to write it over and over again. Yet this is actually dangerous. If you save the password in the browser, it is very likely that hackers can easily hijack the password.

Using unofficial apps

Maybe you’ve been doing this often because you don’t really know the dangers. Many people install unofficial applications on smartphones, then throw away various default applications that already exist on smartphones. When in fact this pre-installed application can be useful to protect your phone from hacker attacks. We recommend that you do not install unofficial applications from untrusted sites. Of course there is a possibility that your smartphone can even be attacked by malware made by hackers.

Diligently back up data on a smartphone

Sometimes many users are lazy to do this, when in fact it is quite important to do. Backing up data is an effort to anticipate if things happen that are not desirable, one of which is the loss of data on your smartphone due to hackers. By backing up your data, you have a backup of data to anticipate what will happen.

Use a quality antivirus

The last thing you can do is use a good quality antivirus, of course, one that has been proven to be able to prevent viruses on all devices, especially smartphones. You can use a special antivirus to prevent hacker attacks on Android smartphones. Use the best antivirus that can protect your smartphone from virus attacks.