The world’s thinnest smartphone

If you like to use a thin smartphone and have full features, don’t go wrong choosing one of the 2 thinnest smartphones in the world, the latest Android OS KitKat, not only being the thinnest smartphone, on the specification side of the two phones are also fairly high.

The 2 thinnest android smartphones in the world today are the Oppo R5 series and the Vivo X5 max smartphone, the thickness of the Oppo R5 is only 4.9 mm, while the Vivo X5 max is slightly thinner at 4.8 mm.
in terms of screen size – the Vivo x5 max is 5.5 inches with a pixel density of ~ 401 ppi without screen protection, while for the Oppo R5 it has a slightly smaller screen size which is only 5.2 inches, even though it has a smaller screen size doesn’t mean the Oppo R5 specifications are low , this can be seen clearly from the pixel per inch density side of the oppo r5 which is ~ 423 ppi, not only that the oppo r5 is also equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 screen protection,

the disadvantage of the Oppo R5 is that it is not equipped with an audio jack, it is not equipped with an external memory slot, this makes users limited to downloading and filling in different applications, because the internal memory of this smartphone is only 16 GB, this is inversely compared to the Vivo X5 Max which already has audio jack like smartphones in general and has an external memory card slot up to 128 gb

camera side – the two thinnest android phones in the latest world are almost the same but the quality produced is different, these two phones both have a 13 mp main camera and a 5 mp secondary camera, the camera quality on the oppo r5 is the best quality, we can see this In terms of video quality produced from the Oppo R5 UHD camera, while the Vivo X5 Max is only full HD.

These 2 thinnest smartphones are also not sold at low prices, because of the luxurious design and high specifications, the price of the Oppo R5 cellphone sold in Indonesia is currently 6 million, while for the Vivo X5 Max it is not yet the Indonesian market.

If you want to find the thinnest smartphone, the two smartphones above are the most appropriate choice at this time, because not until now there has been no smartphone brand or other brand that has issued a smartphone that has dimensions like the two smartphones above.