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While we all know our gadgets will eventually see an update to Android four.4.2 KitKat, it is unclear when an official replace for our devices will come. Multi Window, a feature that was tremendously improved with the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, remains to be quite limited on the older Note 2, allowing solely using a couple of inventory purposes to multitask with. In an attempt to maintain things simple, Snapchat has a restricted quantity of enhancing options, made up of “smart” picture filters, drawing pens, and particular textual content captions.

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If you need extra modifying capabilities, you’ll be pleased to know there’s a method, no due to Snapchat, but you will need to be rooted. Out of the field, your Android device could be customized in many various methods, and a ton extra with root access, however adjusting the precise interface of the system is somewhat bit more challenging. Changing the status bar dimension, icon width/length, and positioning of toast notifications are issues that require slightly bit more know-how””until now. While AT&T and Verizon could not have had an opportunity to screw Note 2 owners with unrootbale gadgets””primarily because they’ve screwed us over by not issuing KitKat updates””it is protected to say that they will in the future. And while Sprint and T-Mobile subscribers have been able to root, the assorted methods could make the method somewhat confusing, particularly for first-timers. Trying to elucidate one thing troublesome over the telephone can be fairly frustrating if the other person would not perceive you. Using textual content messages can be useless for auditory learners, and a phone name will not do a lot good for a reading or visual learner.

One of the first buttons to normally go is the facility button, because it’s the principle way to turn your cellphone off and on. While the Galaxy Note three and Galaxy S4 are having fun with their official KitKat updates, these of us with Note 2s are left to play the waiting game.

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Whenever you need to record a quick message to your self or someone else, the inventory Voice Recorder app on the Galaxy Note 2 does a nice job. You can use Steps 2 & three in this guide to see if a certain cellphone mannequin is appropriate with a specific cellular community.